Of The Field is Geig's own cannery that was started in 1997.  We offer a variety of jams, pie fillings, and other homemade tasty treats.  Stop in and try some of our products!

Currently in stock:

Geig's applesauce
Blueberry pie filling
Cherry pie filling
Peach pie filling
Geig's dill pickles (pts. & qts.)
Strawberry jam
Peach jam (8 oz. & 16 oz.)
Seedless red raspberry jam
Seedless blackberry jam
Peachy raspberry jam
Black raspberry jam (only 8 oz. this year)
Razz-ma-Tazz jam
Blueberry jam
Black & blue jam
Nectarine jam
Cherry raspberry jam
Dilly beans (whole and pieces)
Cherry peach jam
Cherry jelly
Cherry jam (only 8 oz. this year)
Cherry berry jam
Concord grape jelly
Geig's salsa
Pickled jalapenos 
Geig's apple butter -regular & sugar free

Apple pie filling

Canery and Pie Filling
Fruit Preserves
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